Documentation and info


Here you will find all those important documents needed for rehearsals!

If you are not needed one particular week, adults are welcome to attend and fill in if needed/watch the rehearsal and act as the chorus in some scenes. (Basically, if you want to get out of the house for a couple of hours, don't show the schedule to your 'other half' and come each Wednesday anyway!!!) Having said this, don't feel that you HAVE to come when you are not needed at rehearsal!


Principals, please make sure you are at St Marks Church Hall, Shavington, Cheshire, CW2 5DP (unless otherwise advised) each Wednesday for a prompt 7:30pm start so that we can maximise rehearsal time. People in the scenes being rehearsed are required to attend for the full 2 hours as we will be running the scenes more than once whenever possible.

Chorus members are required on Fridays at St Marks Church Hall.

Children 7.00-8.30pm and adults 8.00-9.30pm.


Thank you in advance for your commitment and enthusiasm. 


PS - If you cannot attend a rehearsal for whatever reason, please let Angie,Rene or Gaynor know BEFORE 6.30pm on the day in question via text message, phone call or answer machine message.

(before 7:15 p.m. on Wednesdays)

Rene  -  07850 524261

Angie -  07969 127026

Gaynor- 07508 121887


PPS - Please come with a smile, a positive attitude and an eagerness to perform, enjoy and laugh!! Our main aim is to have fun!!