We are proud to be members of NODA, and always welcome representatives to view and review our shows.


Below are some of the reviews we received, you will see upon reading, we pride ourselves on the quality of our shows. 

The Pantomime Voyages of Sinbad

Peter Johnson (NODA) Feb 2015

Well here we go again a large company be-decked the stage once more for this year’s Shavington Panto Sinbad, a great opening with song’s and beautiful original looking costumes, the musical numbers under the direction of Jenny Collis-Smith were excellent with yet again new songs making all the difference. There was a good rapour between Sinbad (Megan Sheer) and Princess Saffron and their duet was superb, I was more than a little bothered over a couple of Sindbad’s costumes not least of all the opening number it just didn’t look right. Ali (Adam Goode) gave a very good rendition of this role involving the audience whenever possible. Ayesha the Sorceress (Lindsey Norman) gave an outstanding performance as the Sorceress eye catching in every way stunning costume and excellent stage presence with a voice that lands on the ear very easily well done. Guardian of the Islands (Phil Whelen) was another outstanding performer captivating in stature and carrying off the different roles from the various Islands, awesome costume and tremendous performance loved the song well delivered well done. The stage sets were yet again wonderful with amazing pyrotechnics I also loved the interlude of the of the fluorescent puppetry scene and fish costumes truly wonderful for the younger members of the audience. A wonderful evening’s entertainment enjoyed by an appreciative audience


Many thanks for your hospitality during my visit  

The Pantomime Adventures of Robin Hood

Peter Johnson (NODA) Feb 2014

The infamous words, he’s behind you, albeit used in this pantomime seemed inappropriate for such a technically produced show, and I would rather use the word’s they’re behind you. The musical numbers under the guidance of Jenny Collis-Smith and her band of men were many and very apt for every scene, under the direction of the stage manager Ian Parker and his crew this show moved from scene to scene effortlessly, with the most exquisitely hand painted scenery and cloth's especially the silhouetted woodland scene with animals excellent, ably assisted by the lighting and sound crew showering the cast with just the right amount of light as the story unfolded. From the opening number until the final curtain the costumes were a feast for your eyes, as were the youngsters and townspeople who opened up with some rousing singing and cleverly choreographed dancing (simple is best with a large cast) and beautiful smiles just what you need on a cold and blustery night.


Casting was good led by a very strong principal boy in the guise of Megan Sheer who looked every inch a lead, with a beautiful singing voice fit for any stage bedecked in her tunic of Lincoln green. Nanny Nora Tittle-tattle (Rob Earl) played a very interesting a different role to what I’m used to seeing him in but never the less a dame he was and carried the comedy well. Much the millers son (Chandra Sheer) entertained throughout with his wit involving the audience whenever he appeared, Maid Marion (Louisa Shaw) looked every bit the fair maiden, just be careful when dueting with such a powerful singer that you hold your harmonies. The interjections from the enchantress of the forest and the shoothsayer (thank you for the wig adjustment) were done with great conviction and clear diction. The Sheriff of Nottingham was a fearsome character in his own right and perhaps would have been stronger standing still to deliver his lines. There was a very strong cameo role by Bradley Smith as King Richard shame there wasn’t more script for you .The whole show was carried along with the comical roles of Scarper (Adam Goode) and Nickit (Nathanael Brett), the evening finished with a rousing sing along thoroughly enjoyed by a captivated audience.


This beautifully written Pantomime by Bradford & Webster was a credit to you all well done.  My sincere thanks for your guided tour of the theatre and your hospitality during the evening.

Sleeping Beauty

Michael Jones-McCaw (NODA) Feb 2013

This production team brought a wealth of experience to another superb panto. Under the direction of Barbara Bispham, choreography by Angela Snell and musical direction by Jenny Collis-Smith, it seemed all three elements worked in harmony brilliantly, producing a pacy, energetic show with a real sense of fun; everything a pantomime should be.

Playing to full houses at Shavington High school, this wonderful cast had the audience eating out of their hands from the outset. In title role as Princess Rose, Megan Iredale was well suited and every bit the panto Heroine you would expect with great vocals and a lovely on stage relationship with her Prince Played by Rachel Hadzik. Rachel was confident and again, had super vocals bringing lots of strength to the role.

Megan Sheer is no stranger to ‘PantoLand’, this year bringing her experience to role of the baddy; Deadly Nightshade. Megan played evil particularly well and probably gave the performance of the night for me. Her execution of ‘Skyfall’ was exceptionally good. Her sidekick, Snivel, played by young Nathaniel Brett did really well also.


Winnie Slaptickle played by Jonathan Brett deserves a special mention being his first time as Panto Dame. He was extremely funny and had a wonderful relationship with the audience and everyone on stage – essential ingredients for any successful dame. Adam Goode played Happy Happy, again ideally cast with the ability to get the audience going and keep them entertained throughout – Adam certainly did that.

Fairies Lilac, Lavander and Lupin (Lesley Smith, Natalie Collins and Diane Collins) narrated the show beautifully with some quirky twists turns adding more humour to the plot – the three of them worked well as a team and were very likable.

The rest of the cast and indeed the company provided tons of energy and animation bringing the story to life performing well chosen and a great mix songs – something for everyone. Scenery and sets were brilliant, mixed with some great lighting effects to create exactly the right ambience.


Congratulations once again on another brilliant production. 

Red Riding Hood

Michael Jones-McCaw (NODA) Feb 2012

This pantomime was well worth the trip down the M6 to the depths of Cheshire. Little Red Riding Hood is not a Panto I have seen before but this script is one that any society will struggle to do as well as Shavington VFC.


In the title role, Megan Iredale was just stunning – the epitome of any little girl’s panto princess. Her diction was crystal clear and with her beautiful singing voice she was the perfect choice for Little Red. Opposite was Megan Sheer in the role of the handsome prince who was strong and gave such a professional performance – definitely West End standard. These two characters bounced off each other and have set the standard extremely high for future leads.


Gary Edwards as the Wolf was excellent and make me jump on numerous occasions – he was so scary even the young performers on the stage looked terrified – brilliant! Richard Kinsey as Booby was just great – with the funniest facial expressions and a natural ability to make people laugh. The traditional Panto Dame albeit much taller than the average, was played brilliantly by Nigel Walters with perfect comic timing. These two characters had a wonderful rapport and certainly made me laugh! Adam Goode was the perfect village villain who by the end of the show didn’t even have to open his mouth before he got booed. You know you’re doing a great job when that happens!


I especially loved the UV scene with the wolf which I understand was made by the children – this whole number was so effective and very impressive.

In fact all the musical numbers were well known enough for everyone to sing along to and with some great choreography the whole production was fresh and current and very polished and professional - had me practically skipping out of the theatre.  Now thats what I call a panto!

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